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Here you can find all information about the three groups of girls, Freesia Dogs, Iris Cats, and Clover Rabbits! Please help us in any way you can!

Team 01 - Freezia Dog
Yuki Miyaka Profile
Yuki Miyaka
Arimura Shion Profile
Arimura Shion
Mano Sakurako Profile
Mano Sakurako
Tachibana Naomi Profile
Tachibana Naomi
Orimiya Yui Profile
Orimiya Yui
Tendo Machi Profile
Tendo Machi
Team 02 - Iris Cat
Asahina Nono Profile
Asahina Nono
Mizushima Airi Profile
Mizushima Airi
Hirose Koharu Profile
Hirose Koharu
Hiiragi Tsumugi Profile
Hiiragi Tsumugi
Saionji Rei Profile
Saionji Rei
Sylvia Richter Profile
Sylvia Richter
Team 03 - Clover Rabbit
Kira Sayuri Profile
Kira Sayuri
Agatsuma Ren Profile
Agatsuma Ren
Momoi Hina Profile
Momoi Hina
Onitsuka Chiho Profile
Onitsuka Chiho
Usui Miyuki Profile
Usui Miyuki
Nakata Natalie Profile
Nakata Natalie
Girl Of The Month
438 New Year's Tornado (Miyaka)

The girl of the month is Yuki Miyaka. She is one of the girls on the Freesia Dog Team. She was born on May 20th and is a Taurus. The weapon she uses is a sword. She likes Hokke and Flowers while she dislikes Fish's eyes. She is voice acted by Taketatsu Ayana.

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