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Hello and welcome to the Alternative Girls (オルタナティブガールズ) wiki!

Here you can find all information about the four groups of girls, Freesia Dog, Iris Cat, Clover Rabbit and Other! Please help us in any way you can!

Team 01 - Freesia Dog
Yuki Miyaka Profile.png
Yuki Miyaka
Arimura Shion Profile.png
Arimura Shion
Mano Sakurako Profile.png
Mano Sakurako
Tachibana Naomi Profile.png
Tachibana Naomi
Orimiya Yui Profile.png
Orimiya Yui
Tendo Machi Profile.png
Tendo Machi
Team 02 - Iris Cat
Asahina Nono Profile.png
Asahina Nono
Mizushima Airi Profile.png
Mizushima Airi
Hirose Koharu Profile.png
Hirose Koharu
Hiiragi Tsumugi Profile.png
Hiiragi Tsumugi
Saionji Rei Profile.png
Saionji Rei
Sylvia Richter Profile.png
Sylvia Richter
Team 03 - Clover Rabbit
Kira Sayuri Profile.png
Kira Sayuri
Agatsuma Ren Profile.png
Agatsuma Ren
Momoi Hina Profile.png
Momoi Hina
Onitsuka Chiho Profile.png
Onitsuka Chiho
Usui Miyuki Profile.png
Usui Miyuki
Nakata Natalie Profile.png
Nakata Natalie
Team 04 - Other
Yukishiro Wakana Profile HD.png
Yukishiro Wakana
Belulu Profile HD.png
Meya Profile HD.png
Eternal Dahlia Profile.png
Eternal Dahlia
Marvelous Lily Profile.png
Marvelous Lily
Coming Soon Blue Neon Vertical.jpg
Melo Profile.png Lilo Profile.png
Link=Night Beasts
Night Beasts
Link=Night Dolls
Night Dolls
Adire Profile.png
Ando Ruriko Profile.png
Ando Ruriko

Girls Of The Month

Gift Smile (Rei).jpg

The girl of the month is Saionji Rei. Saionji Rei is one of the girls in the Iris Cat Team. She was born on June 19th and it's a Gemini. Her weapon is satellite. Rei is voice acted by Kido Ibuki.

Click Here for all characters' birthday calendar.

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Alternative Girls Game Trailer

オルタナティブガールズ2公式 (Alternative Girls 2 Official YT)

【公式】オルタナティブガールズ2 VR対応

[Official] Alternative Girls 2 VR Compatible

Official Websites
Ameba Games
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App Media
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We are a small team of long-time fans aiming to create a comprehensive wiki for Alternative Girls 2 (オルタナティブガールズ2). We would love to have your support! Want to join? You can ask our Founder or message me (Melody Of Rainbow) on my message wall.


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